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madden11/ The coaching staff and the players as well as everyone in the organization is dedicated and we are committed to winning, said Packers Head Coach Mike McCarthy. The football team is committed to our process and we look forward to continuing our preparation. We are focused on and excited about the upcoming preseason. The players have expressed their excitement about what our coaches have put in place and it is evident they are prepared to build on our success in 2013. We are moving forward and we look forward to a successful season. As far as what we want to do in these next three weeks, I cannot talk about that. We have a preseason and our focus is on preparing for the season. On the preseason docket: The Packers have an unofficial two-a-day format in training camp. Coach McCarthy said that the Packers want to spend extra time in practice during these first few days. The Packers will have time off on Wednesday. On who makes the team: The Packers are done with their 90-man roster. Who stays and who goes has been set. On the roster: The Packers will go through a phase-in period on the offensive line and quarterback position. A few of the players who have been working with the ones in camp might not be able to compete for a roster spot. On the Packers’ running game: Coach McCarthy said that the Packers want to run the ball but that does not mean they will. The Packers will work hard to run the ball and that will show up in the preseason. On the roster: The Packers could not announce their draft picks until Tuesday night. The draft will be tomorrow. Who will be the Packers’ first round picks? Stay tuned. On whether offensive linemen will be the first group taken in the draft: Coach McCarthy said that any offensive lineman can go early, but he said that offensive linemen will not be the first group selected. The Packers are looking for players that can come in and help right away. On whether he knows how long it will take to fill out the starting lineup: McCarthy said that he does not know what the plan is. He said that it is not his job to set the roster but to coach the team. McCarthy added that he has not told anyone that the Packers are going to add any players to the roster. The goal is to get through training camp healthy and then make the final 53-man roster. On where the Packers’ will be when the draft starts: The




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Downloadkonamiwinningeleven8fullversionfor51 (April-2022)

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